electronic design, module


Electronic CAD of LED modules

From a set of more or less detailed specifications, we are able to realize the electronic CAD (computer assisted design) of your LED module. The electronic design gathers different parts that need a specific expertise for each of them.

The key steps are the following: schematics, components placement and routing


The step of the schematic is the selection of the combination of the components allowing to meet the requirements expressed in the specifications.


Component placement is performed according to the mechanical stress and optical limitations, but also to ensure the proper management of heat flow. For example, LEDs are placed according to the optical limitations in order to respect the optical alignment for the secondary optics if necessary.


The routing is a critical step in the electronic CAD because the good ability of the card in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), but also the proper distribution of electrical energy relies on it.

These three steps are inter-related because the choice of components will impact the placement step and therefore the routing step. At MEODEX we privilege the entire management of the electronic CAD, however, we adapt to customer’s requests and it happens regularly that we work on a very specific point, usually the routing.