Making your LED modules


Manufacturing is the core activity of MEODEX. Our engineers and technicians are working every day to improve processes to increase productivity and quality.

A Partner who manages all your manufacturing process

At MEODEX, we are able to perform all the manufacturing process of your LED modules. It limits the number of stakeholders, you make savings on shipping fees and management costs and it also limits the industrial risks to a single source.

A production tool adapted to your needs

Our production equipment is designed to help us to adapt to a wide variety of projects.

From the prototyping step…

We have tools allowing us to perform prototyping work that requires responsiveness and creativity. So we try to find the fastest solutions to be implemented at the lowest cost to accelerate the time-to-market for our customers.

Example: Within a new project, one of our customers needed to test different LED references with multiple optics, so we proposed him to drill some of our standard boards, so he could mechanically integrate its optics. With our catalog of STAR boards, we allowed him to test a dozen of LED references with as many as different optics he needed. Time to completion: 2 days. Cost: Less than 200 €.

… to the mass production step

Our machines also allow us to perform mass production work. We can place more than 30,000 LEDs per hour. With strong and suitable working processes, acquired for our many years of experience and an advanced production equipment, we can provide our customers with high quality products with very competitive unit costs. Our goal here is to help our customer to be in the best position against its competitors by allowing him to limit its manufacturing costs while maintaining a high quality.

All types of electronic boards

We are able to work with all types of electronic boards. This allows us to adapt to a wide variety of technical needs, thus, some customer will need little heat dissipation but at a very competitive price. On the contrary, for projects where the performance is pushed to the extreme, the heat dissipation is the most important point and we can offer materials up to 385W / m. ° K.
Therefore, we work with FR4 (epoxy), Al MCPCB (Metal Core PCB-Aluminium) and Cu MCPCB (Metal Core PCB-Copper) boards, with one or several layers in multiple thicknesses.

Standard and custom optics

We work with all optics for LED manufacturers and are also able to make custom optics as required by your project.
Also, we assemble optics on electronic boards, whatever their way of assembly.

Application of coating

Depending on the needs of our customers, we can apply coatings on electronic boards in order to protect LEDs, but also for sealing the whole. We are also able to use tropicalization.

Potting – encapsulation

We can protect a LED module from water, and make it waterproof by using an electronic potting process with colored or transparent formulations with optical grade (losses of light flux are less than 3%).

Shaping Cables

We offer services for wires and cables like cutting wires, stripping and pre-stripping, tinning, crimping and soldering of wires on boards.