lighting LED technology

Lighting Market

The lighting market, which is highly competitive and has a wide variety of products, represents the majority of the applications of LED technology. Quality and performance are the guarantees of a sustainable success.

Development of biological organisms

Technical Light

Light activation of chemical compounds,
development of biological organisms, destruction by light.
UVC of the IR.

Lighting of surgical block, therapeutic light

Medical Market

Lighting of surgical block and surgery rooms; lighting of instruments; sterilization; therapeutic light.

Runways lighting and lighting systems

Aeronautical Market

Cockpit and passenger cabins, cabin signaling.
High-power signaling on runways, runways lighting and lighting systems.

Rail cars lighting and signaling

Railway Market

Rail cars lighting and signaling: from energy saving, a quality light and reliability, the compatibility of voltage levels will also be decisive.

Lighting of passenger’s compartment, intelligent signaling, intelligent lights

Automobile Market

Lighting of passenger’s compartment, intelligent signaling, intelligent lights, from high-end to entry-level vehicles,
the LED technology will fit with different levels of design.
Infrared lighting.