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MEODEX: Design Office & Production Unit

This positioning enables us to achieve high quality prototypes in a highly short competitive turnaround, which allows our customers to reduce the time-to-market related to the development of their new products.

At MEODEX, our Design Office is the gateway to innovation. Due to the diversity of our customers as well as the wide variety of areas in which we operate, we are in touch with the latest innovations.

The Production Unit allows us to have a perspective on the challenges and risks associated with these new products, which allows us to provide our customers the right balance between innovation and risk-taking.

A unique partner for your prototype :

We can supply all your prototype components and supply all the services required for its production. An independent measurement laboratory can achieve all optical measurements you need and we will deliver a comprehensive report that allows you to have a very thorough assessment of your prototype.

You need a prototype, do not wait anymore and send us your quote request. We will process it within 24 hours. We can help you complete your specifications by a series of questions and answers.