Meodex is set to expand with a move to brand new premises in 2020

Over the last few years, thanks to the ongoing consolidation of our most important client accounts and the continuing support of local and European institutions, we have been able to envisage the construction of our new premises in the heart of the Mediterranean Innovation Park in Narbonne.

The new building will not only be bigger, but it will also have an improved layout, enabling Meodex to respond to ever-increasing demands in terms of quality in a variety of aspects of our operations:
– improved access and logistics
– better working conditions for the Meodex team
– better facilities for our visitors
– more space for the engineering and production departments
– more efficient working conditions for the production team and flow management
– buffer zones
– ergonomic workstations
– specialized rooms: thermo/ hygro regulated storage, depressurization, manipulation of chemical compounds

The move is due to take place over the summer of 2020.

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