The UV LED war on viruses

The moody current period is favorable to put on the table: UV LED systems have existed for many years, the prospect for the future was already very broad and, now, is powered to the forefront of the health scene. In addition to the reinforcement of existing technologies and techniques, it is highly likely that new projects, disruptive on the subject of the UV light, will strongly grow.
We can mention the treatment / disinfection of air, surfaces, water, objects, in other words: the environment of our society.

In fact, you will certainly be confronted with the following technical subjects:

– Implementing the wavelengths of your choice: 255nm, 260nm, 265nm, 270nm, 275nm, 280nm
– Maximize the density of radiant flux
– Reduce the duration of exposure
– Increase the disinfection factor
– Size a UV source in photometric, electronic, thermal terms
– Design and produce a mock-up, a prototype, a pre-series
– Mass production

So, if you want to bomb viruses and bacteria with UV photons, we can provide you with our design and manufacturing capacities for specialized UV LED modules, adapted to your constraints.